Something, Bee sting, Diamond ring, Static cling
Earring, Porch swing, Puppet on a string

Starlight, Shine bright, Unite, Locked up tight
Good night, I’m right, Flying a kite

Rhyming, rhyming, rhyming
Rhyming, rhyming, rhyme

Cuff link, Tickled pink, Roller rink, On the blink
Pen and ink, Lip sync, Rinky dink

Grasshopper, Name dropper, Showstopper, Woodchopper
Eavesdropper, balloon popper, Window shopper

Rhyming, rhyming, rhyming
Rhyming, rhyming, rhyme

Circus tent, Compliment, Heaven sent, Experiment
Accident, Instrument, Continent

Big smile, Wood pile, Crocodile, Single file
Freestyle, In a while, Domicile

Rhyming, rhyming, rhyming,
Syllabic timing, rhyming rhyme

Rhyming, rhyming, rhyming
Syllabic timing, rhyming, rhyme