Grenadilla - Can't Wait

Artist: Grenadilla

Album: Can't Wait

Age Range: 3-7

Review: A sunny, danceable album from Debbie Lan and her New York band. The band plays kwela-inflected music -- for those of you who don't know what "kwela" music is (and, hey, I didn't, either) Wikipedia suggests it's a "happy, often pennywhistle-based, street music from southern Africa with jazzy underpinnings and a distinctive, skiffle-like beat."

Based on the sounds on Can't Wait, the band's second album, that's about right. There aren't lesson songs or slice-of-life stories here -- just odes to being happy, walking around, and playing or singing, all with a smile on one's face. Gentle and often retro-sounding, yes, but also with a bit of a groove.

Dog on Fleas' Dean Jones produces his former bandmate Lan with his typical organic touch, letting the six voices of the band take center stage. With a sound unlike just about any other band, Grenadilla targets a niche in the kids music world and hits it. Recommended. / Listen


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