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CD Review - Can't Wait by Grenadilla

About the group and CD:

There are few happier kinds of music on earth than kwela, the irresistibly upbeat indigenous South African style marked by joyful, lively rhythms and birdlike pennywhistles. And Grenadilla (pronounced “gren-a-dill-a”, the South African name for passion fruit) captures those sounds beautifully on their second CD, Can’t Wait.

Grenadilla is music for kids and their families, layered voices with Kwela flavored rhythms, a touch of Cape Town jive and a hint of the blues.

In addition to Debbie (who’s worked with Robbie Dupree, Orleans’s John Hall, Dog on Fleas among others) on lead vocal, piano and pennywhistle, Grenadilla’s members include Jodi Palinkas and Leah Glennon on vocals and pennywhistle, Annemarie Callan, Brittany Sacash and Natasha Williams on vocals, with co-producer Dean Jones on trombone, pennywhistle, melodica, organ, guitar, balafon and features guest musicians Nick Buda (drums, percussion), Jaf Farkas (bass), Jack Ryon (saxophones), Ken
McGloin (guitar, bass) and Ruby Gunn (guest vocal).

My Thoughts:

This cd is a good easy listening CD. We listened to it as we were running errands throughout this week ans really enjoyed it. Baby Bug is a big music fan, between songs she will clap and say "yeah Music," she did this between each song on the CD this week.

I must admit that one song has an instrument that sounds a little like screeching tires and that song just happened to be playing while I was turning right at a traffic light I was just sure someone was about to have an accident. I felt so goofy when I realized it was only the CD!

I really liked the layed back happy feel of this CD it would be a great selection to add to your collection of music.

You can find out more about Grenadilla at their website.

Disclaimer: I did receive a copy of this CD for review purposes all opinions in this post are my own and are not influenced by the company.


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