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Music Review - Can't Wait by Grenadilla

Hi folks, this morning I’ve got the new release CD from Kwela music collective Grenadilla to share with you. Kwela is a style of street music from South Africa that has an upbeat jazzy sound that is decidedly smiley and “feel-good” its approach.

If you like to use music (as I do) to heighten your mood and cheer up an otherwise mundane day, then this is an ideal CD for you. Its rhythmic beats and whistley melodies are fresh and vibrant and a little bit reminiscent of some of Paul Simon’s work. You might notice this in track four “The Way it Goes” which is one of my favourites.

Other tracks that I loved include “Exactly Where I Want to Be” which has some beautiful harmonies and a gorgeous message. “Do My Things” and “The Same As Me” are also fabulously uplifting and empowering songs for kids, and celebrate diversity and individuality.

Oh, and I also like track 13, “I Like To Walk” because of the lyrics, “I like to dance, dance, dance, dance, every day…” (and I do).

You can find Grenadilla’s Can’t Wait online at iTunes, or at CDbaby.


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