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Grenadilla - A Fun and Funky Kids CD

Grenadilla is a new group formed by Debbie Lan. Grenadilla is a 6 person kwela based music ensemble. Kwela hails from Sough Africa and is upbeat, joyful and bubbly.

This music is perfect for families. It is happy and upbeat but not too childish where the music is irritatingly repetitive. Kwela is unlike the pop or rock based family music CDs out there, it has a worldly feel that is upbeat and fun.

Coming out on March 6th is Grenadilla's second album, Can't Wait. The music is of the same style as their previous release, with songs like Sunday Afternoon, and I like to Walk the songs are perfect for families and will get everyone humming along. Even if you aren't a big fan of international music, this album is still fun.

Exposing children to a wide range of music of all genres, starting at young age is tremendously important and will help them develop a sense of culture and awareness that will stay with them. Consider it a gift that will keep on giving :)

This track list includes:

Sitting on top of the World
Oh Sing a Song to the Sun
Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doo
The Way it Goes
Can't Wait
Sunday Afternoon
C'mon C'mon
Exactly Where I Want to Be
Do My Thing
The Same as Me
I Like to Walk
When I Fall Asleep

Layered voices textures with Kwela flavored rhythms, up-beat melodies, a touch of Cape Town and a hint of jive and the blues", your child will enjoy this fun and different CD- and you will too. It's not more of the same, and the music and beats are pleasing to the ear. Kwela, taken from the Zulu word "get up", is lively music.

This happy Southern African street music with jazzy undertones and a distinctive beat evolved from the and brought South African music to an international audience.You don't have to hate your child's music. Embrace it!


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